For some time I had an idea to create a cycling event, which would be about food and socializing as much as it would be about riding. So we, the Blind Chic.’s teamed up with Mesterbike bike shop to create an event, where like-minded cyclist could meet, ride together and enjoy the best what the Balaton region has to offer.

The Rolling Hills ticket

On July 8th which seemed to be the hottest day of the year we gathered at the Balatonfüred promenade.

28 registered riders were mostly Hungarians but still we had quite few international participators from Slovenia, Netherlands and one crazy Australian.

To no one’s surprise we started the ride with an hour delay and left Füred in the highest heat of the day. First day we planned 63km long ride on varied terrain, but still some people decided that it’s a good idea to show up with a fixed/ss bike.

At the first refreshment stop everyone looked like a ripe tomato and I could only cross fingers that no one will get a heat stroke. Our only task for that day was to get to the winery at 4h in the afternoon, where wine tasting was waiting for us.

Ripe tomato
Peace out
Gravel grinder

The winery was conveniently situated at the top of the most brutal hill, but the spectacular view was definitely worth of gravel grinding. We placed our sticky bodies on the winery’s terrace, sipped on the fröccs (wine + soda water) and nibble on the pogacsa (Hungarian scones) for the next two hours.

Few bottles (18) later we hopped on our bikes and scrambled ourselves down to the campsite. 

As it’s suitable for a ‘gourmet’ event like this, the chef was already deep into his mastership, sweating hard to get dinner on the table in time. But first things first, everyone had to put up their tent and dress into their best outfit for the gala dinner (e.g. mermaid bikini). We jumped on the food and vacuum cleaned everything until the last breadcrumb. Not much energy was left after that and slowly everyone disappeared into their shelter for the night. 

THE Chef

Sunday morning started with some ‘breakfast of champions’ and sun-creaming our burned bodies. The ride planchanged in the last moment and instead of taking the route towards Veszprem, we stopped at the public beach, to dip our legs into the lake. But instead we just hanged out at the bar, sipping beers and munching on some oily snacks. From that point on we took it easy and rode the last 20 km full vacation mode.

Sausage man

Few hours later we hugged, shed tears and waived goodbyes until next time we meet.

Thanks again to everyone who came, it was my biggest pleasure to have you here! Next time we meet in Slovenia!